Mixed properties

SOFT4RealEstate is a dedicated all-in-one solution for both small and large businesses that are involved in property management. When it comes to property management, SOFT4RealEstate has your customer covered! Solution could be a great fit for universities, student dorms, nursing homes, warehouses, industrial spaces and other industries with specific needs.

All important information in one place

With SOFT4RealEstate rental property management software keep track of unit area changes, add assets to buildings, and upload pictures or floor maps; add notes or save links related to a specific unit or property.

Track tenant debts and payment history

Tenant management software allows to setup different bank accounts for the tenants. Track due invoices, late payments, balance and credit history.

Lease contract management

Add critical information, set important dates not to miss and attach any type of documents, links and notes needed for the contract. Lease contract management software allows to create and send the documents to the tenants’ or for e-signing directly from the system.

Create purchase orders

With maintenance work order software create orders for missing items and later create an invoice for the tenant based on work order details.

Manage deposits with greater accuracy

Enter deposits against lease contract terms by specifying each deposit that has to be paid and keep track of the amount that actually has been paid. Use ‘Lease Deposit’ report to make sure no dates and amounts are missing.

Create invoices based on charges – all at once

This feature allows invoices to be created based on charges calculated and sent out automatically to the tenants. With real estate billing software it is possible to create them all at once, for separate properties, or just for specific services/tenants/lease units.

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