Date: 2020.10.29

Since you are Microsoft Dynamics partner, a website is an essential aspect when you are working in B2B. It helps to generate leads and leave a good impression on your prospects. Almost every website viewers stumbled on your website while searching for something on Google or through Google Ads. As far as the website is concerned, it is crucial to be at the top of your target countries search engine and get the leads that you need.

Whenever a potential client visits your website, your website must be prepared so that they get the info they are looking for within 5-seconds. Does your website navigate easily? What about the bounce rate? Perhaps, it is time to upgrade your web strategy and content.

Below are three tips from our guide to improving your website to increase engagement.


The best way to get attention is to let customers know the benefit they are getting when they chose you. State clearly what they stand to gain if they chose your solutions, what you will do for them, and how you go about it, which is better than your competitors. It would be best to communicate your value proposition in a language the customer can understand better. It should provoke the customer mindset to click further on your website. But, make sure the benefit is written in a clear language.

Besides that, describe your service so that customers can easily relate to them, and your clear tone must show that your office is the only place where they can get a long-lasting solution. Besides that, use current and high-quality images that show an on-going operation in your office and show off your operation team. Also, reviews and testimonials should appear clearly on your homepage; it is a form of assurance to potential clients. And finally, get all your social media pages where they can easily follow you for updates.


The success of every website lies in the creativity of the content. Do you not bore your clients with vague and ambiguous content that is not easy to understand when reading. It is must be straight-forward and easy to grasp. Above all, it must be short that they can quickly get what they want. The content must be proposing, inquiring, and must be appealing to buyers. Such tones to include “how to do, benefits of, click-to-chat, and many more.

For example, accounting software does not sound like an exciting topic. To get it interesting, proffer the benefits they will get in terms of intellectual reward and the stress they can save themselves from manual calculations. Besides that, put in some educational content that can serve as a means of enticement that can push them to buy it. This educational content will be something related to the discipline of academics. This will make them see why they are not just buying, but they benefit from buying. The main thing is that you are telling a great compelling story that moves them into action to buy


It is referred to as “CTA,” and it is the most crucial aspect of any website. Call to action is what gets you your desired lead. Words such as “Download My Guide,” Open account to enjoy these benefits,” “Click on the link,” “Follow this link,” and many more. However, keep in mind that your call to action can only yield leads when your content is compelling. To understand better, make sure your content is sound enough. Only then will the call to action becomes effective.

The next thing you need to ensure is that your website can easily navigate where the action is being performed; the action procedure is straight-forward.

These are the first steps for you to review and improve your website. I know at some points looks familiar, but at the same time, we should not only learn these things but also adapt them to our businesses. I am happy to share tips from SOFT4 practice with you. I assure you that soon there will be more. 

If you are SOFT4 Partner and would like to improve your website, contact me and I will help by sharing my know-how with you.

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Marija Petkiene
Partner Marketing Manager