Your arguments for customers HOW property management software helps their businesses

Date: 2024.01.02

We are working with property managers for years, and we know their main challenges in this industry. If you have prospects or clients working with managing properties, you have to know what they are facing and how SOFT4RealEstate helps to solve the problems.

I believe you already know that all SOFT4 Partners and Resellers are getting their margins per deal depending on performance (20%-40%). So read more about the arguments and be ready to offer them a SOFT4RealEstate solution.

Using SOFT4RealEstate, managers (here customers) can find solutions tailored to their industrial, residential, commercial, or other properties. It is important to note that BC-based software is adaptable for mixed properties, which means users can tailor and utilize this software regardless of the space, area, buildings that are rented or on lease. For the property managers, it is an all-in-one, one-stop-shop solution for all their management needs.

SOFT4RealEstate is used by a variety of businesses and organizations that deal with property management. These include retailers, industries, universities, commercial space managers, and even renters or leasers of exclusive property like yachts, land plots, parking lots, etc.

The solution does more than just contract management

It is often assumed that SOFT4RealEstate serves the sole purpose of showing regular things like, which lots are leased, which are open, etc. However, it can do much more than that.

In addition, SOFT4RealEstate can offer a lot more than Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. To begin with, besides the obvious lot, area, or sub-property management, the property managers can host a ‘sort of CRM’ for tenant management. They can gather and store important contact information (per GDPR, if applicable) and track payments to ensure that everything is running smoothly and optimally.

SOFT4RealEstate can also act as a project management tool where users can calculate CAM (Common area maintenance) fees and manage work orders for repairs, maintenance, etc. It is easier for property managers to delegate tasks, gather and accept tenders, assigning tasks to their maintenance staff and track every possible status change, of which tenants can then be informed. It’s a great way for managers to keep tabs on what’s happening in the property, at all times, and allowing their tenants to know what is going on as well.

It gets much more done in much less time

Management tasks are usually very time-consuming – procurement, sourcing, reviewing, assessing, and drafting documents – all of that fall under the responsibility of the managers. These tasks can take a few hours, or a few dozen hours every week, depending on the organization’s size.

However, by using SOFT4RealEstate software, property managers can eliminate a lot of manual labor that doesn’t create value. They can automate almost every managerial task and optimize the performance of their staff. Their departments can change and edit info in real-time, making it impossible to duplicate data entries or making untraceable or irreversible mistakes in shared documents.

Giving better insights

Competition among property managers is ruthless, regardless of which they must keep their tenants and occupants happy. If they aren’t doing that, then expecting great business results is meaningless for them.

This is one more area where dedicated software for real estate management shines. As mentioned before, it not only consists of managerial tools but also provides great functional capabilities that can be used by accounting or financial staff. Decision-makers can have an extremely user-friendly yet technical and capable insight and report-generating tool.

Our SOFT4RealEstate solution is capable of generating reports for individual units (or buildings, sites, etc.) with regards to finances, occupancy rates, vacancies, and other factors. For data visualization, it can generate charts that can be used to adjust marketing, pricing strategies, and a lot of other tasks as well.

You have to prove to your prospects this solution value, and you can do it by brochures, demo recording, and other material. Of course, if you already know your prospect’s main need’s – you can organize a call with our help to present the solution and dig into this specific case.

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