Go vertical to survive | Why does it worth selling already proven solutions

Date: 2021.09.01

Customer behavior is changing very fast. Top of mind concerns for customers has transferred or transformed over the past ten years. We see and hear from the partners that they are less dependent on traditional supplier relationships and are concerned about the time required to develop and implement custom solutions. Customers tend to focus very much on risk in recent years. Now solutions should be fast, and they should be easy and as low risk as possible


For example, SOFT4RealEstate solution is very easy to implement and learn. A couple of years ago, we implemented the solution in the Kingdom of Bahrain in just three days. 

The company that wins, in the end, is the one that crystallizes the problems of customer has and also can articulate the pain back to the client, and can present an elegant solution that costs less than the problem being solved. 

The challenge to you is to efficiently gather together a group of people who can relate the critical problems you are describing. That often means diving deep into the industry so that you become an established player with a refreshing new approach to solving they care about. To avoid spending hours diving deep into some industry, hours of customization, you have two choices:

create your own vertical or go with already proven add-on solutions

Two ways

If you decide to create your own vertical, there are a few things to think about. First of all, is investment needed. You have to think about research and development, your teamwork, marketing, and support. 

You need to think about your sales because people are used to selling big projects, and now implementations should be fast and easy. Unfortunately, the payback during the years will be pretty low. The standard payback time is four to five years.


Another and better way is to go to market with already proven industry-focused solutions. You can start selling solutions TODAY and not spending months and years on your solution. 

So far, in recent years, we get more and more inquiries from BC partners for BC-based add-on solutions. Partners started understanding that with the well-developed add-on, they will have less confusion during the project. The implementation will go faster and smoother. They will gain a happier customer because the overall software solution will fit the customer’s business better. Of course, there will be no headaches once it comes to a system upgrade. 


All SOFT4 solutions were designed for specific industries. It is easy to expand and maintain it. We do releases after new versions of BC each year. Also, it is trusted by no less than ten companies. Our solutions are available on AppSource what means that solutions are approved and certificated by Microsoft. 


SOFT4RealEstate – Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on for property management companies and property operators.
SOFT4Lessee – Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on for lessees, to manage lease accounting according to IFRS 16 | ASC 842 standards. Can be integrated into any accounting software.
SOFT4Leasing – Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on for asset finance and leasing companies.



If you are interested and would like to know more about our solutions and all the partnership benefits, don’t wait and contact us now at partners@soft4.eu. You can get up to 40% margins per project plus earn additional money from implementation.