How to deal with Covid-19 consequences as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Partner

Date: 2020.09.21

The world has not been the same since the outbreak of COVID 19. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many and has changed the world as we know it. Governments have had their heads rolling over how to restore their economies. Businesses also think about getting back to providing services that will help them keep their customers and make new ones.

Realizing how quickly consumer needs change and how a natural phenomenon such as a pandemic can affect business operations, business owners are now thinking of solutions that will enable them to harness their digital capacities for ensuring corporate continuity and stability. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners community is also facing these changes, and we, as a solution provider, would like to share a few tips with our Partner Community. 

You should look at this situation from a different angle and show customers your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Go further to demonstrate your competence by stating practical measures.

There are three steps you should go not to be in stagnation, but to grow your business.


Create a checklist for your clients


The checklist has to do with a comprehensive plan that will bring your clients’ business back. In this checklist, you have to ask specific questions. You need to know if there is a unique roll-out plan for the business owner regarding their industry. You need to know whether there are new needs to add specific functionalities. Prepare that checklist, including questions such as:

 1. Is COVID-19 affected your business processes? If YES, how?

 2. Does pandemic consequences affect financials in the wrong way?

 3. What are the main pains in your business proceses? 

If your clients are already using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, they have opportunity to solve industry specific processes with add-on solutions. 

The industry-specific solutions in the Dynamics ecosystem are growing rapidly. More and more Partners offer vertical solutions and know-how. See for yourself in the App Source. We at SOFT4 are happy to provide vertical add-ons for the world’s rental, leasing, factoring, and property management markets and making end-users happy by saving their time on customizations and providing industry know-how.


Make the checklist client-specific

Clients have different needs, so it is never prudent to have a generic checklist for them all. Clients may differ in their industry, roll-out plan, the kind of equipment they use, or their entire operational flow. 

Sometimes even clients don’t know what exact functionality could solve the specific problems. You, as a Partner, should dive into your customer’s business processes and help to find the most painful gaps.

If you are not sure if you can solve those problems on your own or maybe it looks like a long and complicated project, don’t let your client get negative consequences because of that.

Many Partners around the world are selling their industry built solutions for specific markets. They have strong know-how, training, and marketing sources, and they could help if you are new in the customer’s industry or do not have your solution to solve these issues. Just start to find the right ISV! 


Go vertical


For the past few years, Microsoft are talking about verticalization and its benefits. If you would like to expand your business faster and make your customers happier, you should think about vertical solutions NOW. 

Especially at these difficult times, you should focus on going for a change. It is not only beneficial for your clients but your team too. Going vertical could be your step to success. 

If you are interested in verticaliztaion, you have two choices

  • Creating your verticals
  • Working with already proven add-ons.

Customers are not willing to pay more for the projects with no specific know-how involved. It can take years to know a particular industry.  

If you are thinking about creating your verticals, you should consider investments, marketing, sales, and support. It takes not only a lot of money but also time and competence. From our experience at SOFT4, the standard vertical solution payback time usually is 3 – 5 years.  

If you are working with already proven add-ons, you get pre-customized solutions for the specific industry. Solutions are based on the best practices and have already been tried and tested.

LEARN MORE about vertical solutions and WATCH our WEBINAR with Dynamics Communities.


What now?

The world is in a time of wilderness, and your clients need a guide who will lead to successful digitalization. Your customer’s needs could have changed during the pandemic period. Be sure that you know how you can help your clients to fix their business processes. 

 As a Microsoft Partner, you could follow a vertical tendency and help your clients enhance their business with industry-specific add-on solutions.

You have to identify customers’ needs and pains. When you know the main problems, you can give them the best offers. Choose add-ons from the industry specialists and be sure about project success. Follow our advice to achieve your goals and stay on business as a professional solutions provider. All this COVID-19 situation taught us that we should react quickly and be ready for changes.

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