Date: 2022.04.29

The SOFT4 launched a new SOFT4RealEstate solution version v. For you, as a Partner, it is important to know about new features and technological advancements.

On April 13, 2022, SOFT4RealEstate version was released to AppSource. It is also available for OnPrem installations for Business Central versions from 16 to 20. There are number of functional improvements, fixes and new features implemented:


SOFT4RealEstate Release v. (April 2022)


NEW Features in SOFT4RealEstate:

  • Lease Contract Insurances – new section in Lease Contract Card to track contract insurance data, amount, dates. Also, Contract Dates report was updated to include Contract Insurance data.


  • Price Indexation feature can recalculate amounts for previous periods automatically and create Service Journal Lines. This can save some time when Service Prices are indexed for the periods which have already been invoiced.
  • Possibility to enter turnover data that would be used for analytics. Such turnover entries will not be included in any calculations that are based on Turnover data. Also, it is possible to define such turnover period – Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year:


  • Extended Tenancy Schedule (Rent Roll) report with a possibility to export to Excel.
  • Turnover Rent recalculation period (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual) can be defined on Lease Contract, so that it would be possible to filter necessary Contract Lines when running Service Journal for Turnover Rent recalculation.
  • More details can be defined on Lease Contract Template – now it is possible to define Minimum Term, Notice Period, Payment Terms, and Invoicing Frequency on Lease Contract Template. These fields can be populated automatically when creating new Lease Contract.
  • Updated Estonian translations.
  • Lease Unit List and Role Center loading performance update will reduce time needed to load data on these pages.


  • Field Lease Contract No. in Cash Receipt Journal will not depend on fields ‘Account Type’ and ‘Account No.’. Previously it was possible to select only valid Lease Contract No. of the Customer that was selected on the line. Now Lease Contract No. can be chosen for any entry in the Journal.
  • Sending Emails using SMTP email setup is now disabled. Email Accounts should be used for sending Invoices or other documents from Lease Contract.
  • Only ‘Direct Posting’ GL accounts can be selected on Work Order Line.

Bug fixes:

  • Work Order creation from Vendor Contracts bug fix.
  • Customer address extended on Lease Contract Header to the same length as on Customer Card.

Download instruction:
How to update SOFT4RealEstate App

You can also download the App from Partner Center.


If you have questions regarding the SOFT4RealEstate new release or how to update the version, contact us at


SOFT4RealEstate What’s Coming – 2022 May
Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!


  • Lease Contract Contacts – defining responsible persons on Lease Contracts, Contact lists by various parameters, responsibilities with a possibility of mass email.
  • Batch creation of Sales Invoices for completed work orders.
  • PowerBI app on the AppSource.
  • Utility Statement – detailed report for the tenant which would show how a particular Service Charge was calculated.
  • Assisted setup and on-screen guides for easy client onboarding.
  • Service Groups and Service Charge ‘Cap’ that would allow setting limits for a service or service group charges.
  • Data migration improvements for easier data upload to the system.