Date: 2021.11.29

The SOFT4 launched a new SOFT4RealEstate solution version S4RE170. For you, as a Partner, it is important to know about new features and technological advancements. Here’s a list of features and functionalities that have been introduced with the new SOFT4RealEstate version:


SOFT4RealEstate Release S4RE170 (November 2021)


NEW Features in SOFT4RealEstate:

    • The Lease Contract Assignment feature will allow you to change customers on the Lease Contract and keep all existing information on it.
    • Subtenancy details are now available on the Lease Contract. You can select one of the existing customers as a subtenant or add company and contact details manually.
    • The new “Invoice Email” field on the customer card will make it possible to define the recipient(s) who will receive the Sales Invoices sent to the tenants. This field would be copied to the Lease Contract field “Invoice Email” with a possibility to edit it there.
    • Documents created on the Lease Contract can now be shared by email directly from SOFT4RealEstate. It is also possible to define the email body template that would be used for this feature.
    • Maintenance Task levels can be configured with different priorities and terms so that during maintenance schedule creation, the high-level task will replace the lower-level task if it is due on the same date.
    • Maintenance Task checklist can be assigned to Maintenance Asset Type and can be different per Task Level. A checklist will be assigned to each task created in the schedule.


  • Blocked Lease Units will not appear on reports in SOFT4RealEstate.
  • Building List will include the building area in the drop-down menu.
  • New Action for clearing Applies-to ID from RE Service Ledger entry.
  • The invoice sending function will use Email Accounts and Email Scenarios instead of SMTP mail setup. This is still configurable in Real Estate Setup but will be enabled by default in future releases.
  • Maintenance schedules can be created for an asset type, rather than an individual asset. This will allow you to create tasks for multiple assets at once.
  • More Work Order statuses, managing them – New, Assigned, In Progress, Incomplete, On Hold, Completed.
  • Maintenance Asset Type added has been to Vendor Contract lines
  • Maintenance Asset can be assigned on Purchase Invoice Line so that all costs related to Maintenance Asset can be accessed from the asset list.
  • A checkbox in Maintenance Task for Further Attention, view on the Role Center to keep track of Tasks that need more work to be completed.
  • It is now possible to create not only a Purchase Order but also a Purchase Invoice from Work Order.
  • Attachment FactBox added to main pages – Lease Contract Card, Lease Unit, Work Order, Vendor Contract. This will let allow you to upload any kind of files related to these entities.
  • Service Revenue Forecast report extended to 12 columns from 6.

Bug fixes:

  • Vendor Contract deletion will delete contract lines as well.
  • Terminated Lease Contract can now be reopened.
  • Lease Unit No. transferred to Purchase Order Line from Work Order.
  • Gen. Bus. Posting group field is now mandatory in Lease Contract Line when releasing it.
  • The Lease Deposit report is now visible on Role Center and can be found in global search.
  • Lease Contract Line insert error using API has been fixed.
  • More decimal places on Minimum and Maximum price index values (4 instead of 2).

If you have questions regarding the SOFT4RealEstate new release, contact us at