NEW SOFT4RealEstate RELEASE 2023

Date: 2023.01.05

The SOFT4 launched a new SOFT4RealEstate solution version v2.6.2.0. For you, as a Partner, it is important to know about new features and technological advancements.

The newest SOFT4RealEstate version v2.6.2.0 was released to AppSource. It is also available for OnPrem installations for Business Central versions from 16 to 20. There are number of functional improvements, fixes and new features implemented:


SOFT4RealEstate Release v2.6.2.0 (January 2023)


NEW Features in SOFT4RealEstate:

  • Margin % and Margin Amount fields added to Purchase documents, so that margin can be applied directly on purchase documents. Then re-invoicing for the tenant would use cost amount + margin amount as a sales amount on Sales Invoice line.
  • Possibility to ‘Close’ open service ledger entries (multiple entry closing also available).
  • Documents tab on Work Orders. It is now possible to attach documents or any other files on Work Order card.
  • Lease Unit Market Values. You can now keep track of Lease Unit market values and define them on a Lease Unit card. Those values would be displayed on a FactBox.
  • Lease Contract Service Limits. It is now possible to specify a limit (fixed amount or per area) for a Lease Contract Lines, so that system would apply it if calculated charge amount would exceed the limit. For example, if there is a limit of a fixed amount for certain service in a lease contract and calculations are based on Expense allocation to Lease Units, system would apply the limit if allocated cost is higher that a limit specified on a Lease Contract.
  • Assisted setup – it is now easier to setup new company by using Assisted setup and a checklist directly in the Role Center.
  • Move-in and Move-Out checklists. It is now possible to define default checklists for tenants moving in and moving out. On the Lease Contract You can check the checklist items as completed.


  • ‘Change Lease Unit area’ page improved.
  • Now it is possible to Reverse and ‘Clear Applies-to ID’ for multiple (selected) entries.
  • Deposit payments excluded from automatic entry application (apply to oldest).
  • Property Manager Role Center is refreshed automatically on activation.
  • Rent Roll report can now be run without Property Filter (previously it was mandatory).
  • New Integration Events created.
  • Technical improvements – part of ‘Option’ type fields recreated to ‘enum’ type fields.
  • New Integration Events created.
  • Service Price opening from Lease Contract line will apply filter on Effective date, so that prices only related to a Lease Contract would be opened.
  • Payment Terms, Fin. Charge Terms, Salesperson, and Invoicing Currency codes would be transferred from Customer to Lease Contract header when Customer No. is selected/changed.
  • Turnover calculation split to Base Rent and Turnover Rent if calculation is run after Turnover is entered to the system.
  • Changes regarding Invoice Posting Buffer usage.
  • Some unused procedures obsoleted.
  • Turnover calculation split to Base Rent and Turnover Rent if calculation is run after Turnover is entered to the system.
  • New Integration Events created.
  • Changes regarding Invoice Posting Buffer usage.
  • Some unused procedures obsoleted.
  • Changes in E-Signature module. Integration with DocuSign is moved to SOFT4RealEstate app.
  • Turnover calculation split to Base Rent and Turnover Rent if calculation is run after Turnover is entered to the system (previously it would calculate as one line).
  • New Integration Events created.
  • New field ‘Last Contract Version’ which would define the last Valid contract version. This field would be used in various calculations and filtering.
  • Separate Service No. can be defined for Turnover Rent calculations. It should be defined on Service Price table. If there would be a value in this new field, then system would use it as a Service No. in Service Journal calculations for Turnover Rent (when Turnover Rent is calculated as recalculation for previous period and Comparative Turnover % is used).
  • Customer details updated on Lease Contract after changes are made on Customer card (name, address, Invoice E-mail, Posting Groups).
  • Gen. Prod. Posting Group and VAT Prod. Posting Group fields updated on Lease Contract Lines when updated on Service Card.
  • Confirm message on Closing Work Order action.
  • Utility Statement improvements
  • Field ‘Description’ added to attachments FactBox.


  • SOFT4RealEstate app licensing model changes.
  • Building No. is no longer mandatory on Lease Contract Header. So that multiple Lease Units from different Buildings in one Lease can be assigned.
  • Permission set redesigned to PermissionSet object.

Bug fixes:

  • No. Series code fields in Real Estate Setup extended to 20 characters to meet standard BC field lengths.
  • Service Journal calculation fix regarding Terminated contracts.
  • Docusign E-signature fixes.
  • Filtering on Starting date when running Service Journal lines creation fixed.
  • Lease Unit Discount dates bug fixed (now it is not possible to enter Ending Date that would be earlier than Starting Date).
  • Transfer Dimensions to Sales invoice from Work Order during invoicing procedure fix.
  • Wrong Quantity for future calculations based on Unit Area fixed.
  • Invoicing Terminated contracts bug fix.
  • Area – Contract analysis fix for filtering Vacant/Rented Units.
  • Service Journal calculation error fix.
  • Lease Contract Contacts bug fixed.
  • Meter readings checking.
  • Do not export Blocked meter readings to the template.
  • Salesperson fields’ length updated from 10 to 20.
  • Rent Roll report date bugfix.

Download instruction:
How to update SOFT4RealEstate App

You can also download the App from Partner Center.


If you have questions regarding the SOFT4RealEstate new release or how to update the version, contact us at


  • Improved UI/UX. More role centers that can be used on mobile device by the users who don’t use PC/laptop much. Simplified pages for easier usage of the app.
  • More detailed cost analysis per each Lease Unit. Each expense can be allocated to a property or unit, and this would appear on Lease Unit Ledger.
  • Reconciliation improvements will allow you to run this process smoothly with more possibilities – reconcile single contract, run reconciliation not only for property but also for a Lease Unit Group and more.
  • SOFT4RealEstate Help in BC. Users will be able to access specific area manuals directly from the BC window.
  • Price Indexation process improvements will let you send Indexation letters for the tenants as well as it would index required Deposit amounts based on Rent price indexation.