WEBINAR | Chase your opportunities with SOFT4

Date: 2022.01.27

Time has become one of the essential values in this fast-changing world of digital transformation. Covid has made businesses think about optimizing their processes. Saving time and money is extremely important to them. ERP companies face a lot of challenges while trying to help their customers who need solutions as soon as possible.

SOFT4 is an industry-focused brand expanding Partners network around the world. Become part of our community and enjoy all the benefits. The most important value for Microsoft Partners is that they can offer already proven solutions to their clients in the areas of property management, leasing, and to companies that have large portfolios of operating leases.

It is a win-win situation – Partner saves time, earns from margins, and satisfy customers because they have a solution that meets their customer needs.
If you are already working with us as a partner or are interested in expanding your solutions with industry-focused apps, don’t miss this chance to learn more about our renewed Partner program and join our WEBINAR.

On a live broadcast about SOFT4 Partner program 2022, we will discuss the following topics:


Join the live webinar on
February 10th
1:00 PM / CET