WEBINAR | Help your customers to comply with AASB 16 standard easily and effectively

Date: 2021.04.30

Did you hear about critical changes in lease accounting that could have affected your clients?

From 2019, July 1 Australian listed companies should finalize accounting policies, lease administration, and transition approaches, covering activities.
From that date, companies had operationalized their record-to-report processes for lease accounting, to ensure that they can satisfy the new presentation and disclosure for AASB 16 requirements.

Many of your clients could be still behind schedule on implementing the standard, updating business processes, and hiring additional staff. They must use manual workarounds, spreadsheet tracking, and external consultants to fill the gaps until the appropriate people, processes, and systems are put in place.

You could be the one who helps to solve their challenges and also earn margins with a minimum effort. 

We created the SOFT4Lessee solution to help reduce the workload of accounting staff. This lease accounting software generates reports almost instantly, gathers and manages vast databases of information, and calculates numbers like lease payments and commission fees.

Join this webinar and learn more about the SOFT4Lessee solution created to manage your customer‘s transition to AASB 16 standard without a headache. Find out everything about target customers and special margins for you as a Partner. 

On a live broadcast, we will discuss the following topics

  • AASB 16 standard in Australia
  • Your target companies
  • SOFT4Lessee solution key product facts
  • Partner‘s benefits (up to 50% margin)

In the end, we will show you the DEMO and share with you the 3 most important arguments that will help you to sell the solution.


Join the live webinar on
May 20th
3:00 PM / AEST