Webinar: Keeping up with Microsoft Dynamics trends. How to expand the market you’re working in?

Date: 2018.09.11

Over the last few years Microsoft has been pushing hard towards verticalization and building your own IP: choose the industry, gain the knowledge, implement quickly and at low costs for the customer. You may agree with this, you may not, but the machine is moving forward and will not stop — you can tell this from the new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central release. So, adapt or die, as they say.

But who said you need to pick just one industry to work in? In our experience as ISVs working with VARs, VARs can successfully adapt not only a vertical but also a horizontal addon strategy; or have a mix of both.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the best vertical industry for scaling your standard NAV business;
  • Distinguish between reliable and non-reliable ISV’s;
  • Be successful in vertical industries, whether you want to build your own IP or work with an ISV; and what you should know if you try to build your own IP;
  • Other ways you can adjust to changing Microsoft policies, having your horizontal solutions or best mix of horizontals + verticals.

If you’re thinking of your own verticals,  be ready to:

  • Spend 100k introducing the new product to the market;
  • Spend a year trying to sell your product to the first customer;
  • Invest 700+ hours per person per year in product development;

OR simply start selling already proven Add-ons from SOFT4 which:

  • Offers a margin of up to 40 %;
  • Provides you with leads and opportunities in your market and
  • Offers advanced industry-specific solutions with references!

Want to learn how to expand your Dynamics market with up selling?