Independent Leasing companies

Help to manage your customer’s equipment leasing operations throughout your company, from the front office to the back office. Suitable for all types of equipment.

Independent leasing companies finance various types of assets – can be anything, in fact, from vehicles to heavy equipment, white, yellow, or brown goods, to IT equipment. As independent asset financiers usually agree to take more risk than, say, banks, they are also more sensitive towards various business KPIs they try to achieve, e.g., for most, time to quote needs to fit within several minutes, while time to contract – tens of minutes.

With the growing amount of information, the biggest challenge for independent leasing companies will be consuming data from various sources to make timely business decisions. The systems and various apps used will need to communicate with each other fluently. SOFT4Leasing can connect to various external systems, be it CRM systems, company websites, self-service portals, credit bureaus, eSignature providers, manufacturer catalogues, Excel, and others, using modern APIs.

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